“How I went from not having a “purpose in life” to helping people to find their own”

Hi! My name is Pablo, and my story is similar to yours. I would define myself as an average person. I studied hard to obtain my Master’s in Engineering, I’ve lived and worked in several countries, always investing great effort to give my best at what I do. But eventually, I found myself missing something: a spark, an interest. I felt I was doing things to follow a predetermined pattern, does this sound familiar?
During that time, I began a self-discovery process and I entered the world of personal development. I read books, took programs, and went through a journey of transformation, hungry to understand the reasons why I do what I do. Do you know what I discovered?


That I was missing the cause that fueled my curiosity and motivation, in short, I didn’t have a “purpose in life”. This process led me to the understanding that my bigger cause in life had to do with supporting people and helping them to expand their boundaries.

When I obtained my qualification as a certified coach and started my coaching practice, I realised that, in general, we are not supported enough throughout our lives. I believe that people need a compassionate relationship. Somebody who invites us to try the hard things and walks with us until we become our own independent source of support and motivation, and I wanted to be that person: your professional partner that helps you turn your ideas into reality. The person that highlights your great and not so great habits. The one that congratulates you when you win, but also challenges you when you lose, so you can make progress towards your goals and fulfil your life.

My coaching approach, based in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Stoicism principles, is unique and enables my clients to focus their energy on what really matters. It aims to develop your mindset so you are better equipped to deal with the natural ups and downs of any achievement in life. This development takes principles from ancient philosophy and modern psychology and has at its core the development of psychological flexibility. Together we are going to push your boundaries and move you to your ‘can do’ zone. You’ll become more emotionally robust and will be able to accept your unwanted feelings and make committed actions towards building your best possible life.

Do not let external circumstances write the story of your life, become the writer of your own journey.

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